Gardens by the bay

With International holiday in mind, one of the first and the most convenient options strikes to be Singapore, and why not? Singapore is the ultimate fusion of various cultures like Chinese, Indian, Malay & Thai and is a superb example of unity, growth & harmony in diversity. The city is among the top 3 safest destinations for tourists in the entire world. The city’s infrastructure is flawless and amenities like public transport are planned with curious detail. Nothing would let you down at all.


Singapore Changi Airport is one of the world’s finest Airports for more than a decade now and has been no. 1 for quite sometime. This Airport is a city in itself with a numerous markets, food joints, butterfly parks, nature parks and now of course “The Jewel of Changi”. This is spread across multiple terminals . This is a really happening place. Unlike some of the other Airports where even sitting space is a scarcity at peak times, this place has abundance of relaxation places with recliners and charging points for all your devices. There is play area for kids as well. As a traveler, I had made an agenda to be at Changi 5-6 hours before my flight to check it out and shop. If you are one of those who love leisure Airport strolls and shopping, this is the place for you!!

City Attractions

The city of Singapore has a lot to offer for travelers. The usual attractions are the Merlion statue in the bay area, the Singapore Flyer, Universal Studios, Sentosa Island, Singapore zoo and multiple safaris. Atleast 2 days are required for Universal and Sentosa. Universal studios is a bliss of enthusiasts with multiple high speed rides and roller coasters. Children can have a merry time with their type of rides and games, popular being Madagascar and House of Shrek. Jurassic Park roller coaster is also a hit. Sentosa is an equally thrilling experience, with Luge and skyride, Underwater Sea Aquarium, Dolphin Park and various museums and other attractions. The best way to reach Sentosa is by Cable car which gives you a 360 degree view of Singapore backwaters and gigantic South China Sea. Most recommended is Sea Aquarium & Dolphin Park!

Sea Aquarium 1
Sea Aquarium 2
Sea Aquarium 3
Sea Aquarium 4
Universal Studios 1
Universal Studios 2

Singapore Zoo, Night Safari, River Safari & Jurong Bird Park

Singapore Zoo, night safari, river safari and Jurong Bird park are some of the most anticipated attractions. The Singapore Zoo is a sprawling animal park with superb conditions for keeping animals. Its actually a treat for kids and if you love wildlife, its a must visit. There are trams that run the length and width of the campus so that its not too tiring for kids and elderly. Their are multiple shows like reptile show, elephant show and birds shows which are simply amazing for all. As the evening sets in, you can enjoy the thrilling night safari which allows you to see wild animals in their natural habitat and really up close. Its a guided tram tour with instructions on all the animals that you may view. River Safari allows for a scenic view and encounter with many Aquatic species. Jurong bird park is a delight for anybody looking for exotic species of birds. All in all its a wildlife feast for the young and the old alike.

Singapore Zoo 1
Singapore Zoo 2
Singapore Zoo 3

Local Sightseeing

Chinese Temple
Diwali in Little India
Singapore Flyer

Being one of the safest cities in the world, choose your time to take a stroll around the city or even enjoy the superb nightlife. The Marina Bay area has some of the nicest restaurants and bars which remain open late till night and offers a mesmerizing view of The Marina Bay Sands Hotel. One can also visit the Clark’s Quay area for some swanky hotels and bars. However, most of the localities have their own local markets and local restaurants which remain open till late, so can grab a drink or two anytime. Local Hawker centers serve the best authentic Chinese and Singaporean dishes and at a really affordable price. However, anybody visiting from Indian Subcontinent can rest assured as they have Little India to the rescue. Little India area has some of the finest North Indian and South Indian restaurants to cater to the subcontinent taste buds. Kailash Parbat Restaurant stands out for their quality and overall service. Jaggi’s Restaurant is for someone who is missing home made chicken and chapati.

Shopping In Singapore

We have finally zeroed in to the most important segment in the entire write up. Shopping is an essential part of the overall Indian travel. As I said earlier, people from subcontinent don’t have to worry as they have Little India to the rescue. Barge into Mustafa Centre in Little India Area and buy from anything from a hairpin to an airplane, quite literally. This is the mother of all stores with 4 stories each and has just about everything mankind has ever made. It also has separate luxury sections for perfumes and other expensive items which you may wish to purchase and gift. With such a large assortment, you can be rest assured that price would always be the best.

Hop on to a cab or MRT to reach Bugis Street. Bugis Street is a busy hustling street with lots of colour and assortment. From fancy kid’s toys to fruit shakes to clothes to cosmetics, this an updated version of our very own Palika Bazaar in Delhi. Do also make your way upto the small AC market which has some small but effective cosmetics shops. The stuff is usually good and at a very decent price. Their are multiple souvenir shops with everything from cards to fridge magnets, which could keep your memories alive for quite some time and also make for some good gifting options. Grab a quick sandwich or a fresh fruit juice to beat the heat, as it can be quite humid most of the times. Last but not the least, if you are a watch freak, you can buy some good watches as low as 5$ to 10$.

People looking to buy electronics can buy stuff from an electronics mall called Sim Lim Square. The Mall has variety of electronics starting from essentials like a small USB cable to a Laptop to a DSLR camera. The prices of products are quite competitive if you consider the GST exemption provided along. Although Sim Lim Square is a dedicated electronics market, most of the electronics are also available at Mustafa Centre and it provides GST exemption too. So the choice rests with you. The Orchard Mall and Orchard street houses some of the iconic lifestyle and cosmetic brands. Overall Singapore has to be a part of your bucket list if you love to travel and explore new cultures.


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