Motion of the Ganges

Uttarakhand is one of the most picturesque states of Northern India. My visits to Uttarakhand have been more than rewarding in terms of the rich natural heritage that it does possess. For some Uttarakhand may end with the more commercialized Mussourie and Nainital but let me assure you, there is much more to be explored and it won’t be enough if you love nature in its purest form and tranquality!

This feature covers my road trip to Devprayag which is the amalgamation spot for the Holy rivers Alaknanda and Bhagirathi. The drive from Delhi would ideally take about 8-9 hours depending on your drving speed. The route taken by me was Bijnore, Najibabad, Kotdwar, Lansdowne and further towards Devprayag. The climb from Kotdwar is quite uphill so it is much better to be cautious. However the views on both the sides are breathtaking. Ahead of Lansdowne, the terrain gets slightly more steep and the road gets narrower after the town of Satpuli. However it was still driveable in monsoon.

The Rainy Road

I took a night stay at one of the resorts 15 Km before DevPrayag. It was a beautiful resort called “Banyan By the Ganges” which I shall cover on my upcoming feature on Resorts. The Journey to DevPrayag was something which I would have regretted had I not covered it. The river follows you all the way to DevPrayag and then there is the confluence. There is a mystical energy all around the pace where the rivers merge. It is one of the must do destinations in Uttarakhand considering the accessibility, the all round vibes and the feel of the Holy Ganges. Also, the place opens the gate to places like RudraPrayag, Joshimath and finally Kedarnath, which are all in my bucket list for now!! I leave you with some of the breathtaking views from the trip below.

The Flow