The Cenotaphs of Orchha

Orchha is a small religious town in the state of Madhya Pradesh bordering the state of UP (Nearest city Jhansi). This is a serene town with a fort once ruled by Bundela dynasty. The place is a religious town with a small population but has some of the most magnificent structures dating back to 16th and 17th century. For someone who has love for history, this might just be a hidden gem.

Talking about my road trip, it took me about 9-10 hours driving all the way to Orchha. The route is via Agra, Gwalior, Datia, Jhansi & Orchha. The road is very much driveable and very scenic. Firstly the chambal section between Dholpur and Morena is absolutely majestic. The Chambal ravines would take you back to the memories of dreaded dacoits of Chambal. However nothing much remains of them and you can simply admire the view of the ravines. Once you cross Gwalior, the scenic beauty gets an uplift with vast landscape and distant rocky terrain. For those who seldom take a road trip and live in a metro, this view will mesmerize you in all likelihood.

The Direction
The Ravines

The major attractions in Orchha are the centuries old cenotaphs which you can find almost all around the city and provide a deep historical insight into the ancient architecture. The Orchha Fort is a must visit attraction. It provides 360 degree view of the town and adjoining wildlife. The rocky Betwa riverfront is also an attraction to watch for. Last but not the least, the attraction that is the very core of this little town and makes it what it is, the Ram Raja Temple. The Temple opens for 2 hours in the afternoon from 11-1 PM and 3 hours in the evening from 7-10 PM. Sounds strange for a temple timing? Here’s the logic. Lord Rama is considered to be the king here rather than a deity. The king has his timings to address his subjects and thus the temple operates as a King’s court on kings timing. Incredible indeed! The place has some very good resorts for stay which I shall cover in my feature of resorts.

The Rocky Betwa Riverfront
Yet Another Cenotaph


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